Chamber Music

The sky over nine trumpets (for Heinz Mack)
for nine trumpets (2016)
commissioned by the Galerie Beck, Eggeling Düsseldorf and foundation Dommermuth
wp: 10th December 2016, Sankt Moritz / Switzerland Trumpet Ensemble Luzern duration: about 10`
Introduction (PDF)

AMDUAT (for Fausto Moroni)
for violin (anche viola), viola and violoncello (2008)
wp: 16.1.2010, Düsseldorf, Ensemble Notabu
duration: 15`
publisher: C. F. Peters Frankfurt Edition Peters | Introduction (PDF)

for E-Gitarre, E-Bass and Accompanying-CD (2006)
Edition Peters | notes by Bernd Franke

IN BETWEEN cycle for ensembles with various instrumentations
Edition Peters | Introduction (in German) | Audio

in between (I) for violin and piano (2005)
wp: 2005, Tokyo, Bunka-Kaikan-Hall, UNENO-Park, Gertrud Schilde (violin), Klaus Schilde (piano)
duration: ca. 12′
notes by Bernd Franke (in German) | Audio

in between (II) for piano, clarinet, trombone and violoncello (2007)
wp: 2007, Warsaw
duration: ca. 15′
performance notes by Bernd Franke (in German)

in between (III) for clarinet and piano (2006/07)
wp: 2007, Mannheim
duration: ca. 14′
notes by Bernd Franke

in between (IV) for two violins (2004/07)
wp: 2008, Stockholm
duration: ca. 10′
notes by Bernd Franke

in between (V) for violin and violoncello (2009)
wp: 2009, Leipzig
duration: ca. 9′
notes by Bernd Franke

in between (VI) for Sho and Sheng in three movements (2012)
commissioned by Naoyuki Manabe
wp: 25.12.2012, Tokyo (Tokyo Opera Recital Hall)
Naoyuki Manabe – Sho, Wu Wei- Sheng
duration: ca. 14` (I ca. 5`, II ca. 4`, III ca. 4`)

For Elliott Carter (2004)
for solo timpani
wp: 2.5.2004
Ulm / concert series “Neue Musik im Stadthaus”, Jürgen Grözinger, timpani
Edition Peters | Introduction

another way to describe monsters and whores (for Goya)
in three movements for guitar solo (2003/04) for Jürgen Ruck
wp: 2003/2006, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Jürgen Ruck
publisher: C. F. Peters Frankfurt Edition Peters

I met Feldman at the crossroad …
(the way down is the way up)
(2002) / 14′
for soprano or male voice (speaker) and string quartet
based on a sonett by David Bengree-Jones
(can also be performed only instrumental)
wp: 9.5.2002, Saarbrücken, Petersen-Quartet, Cordula Berner, soprano
Edition Peters | Introduction

can also be performed simultaneously (Dauer: 10′)
wp: 10.10.2001, Dresden, Ensemble Modern, Kasper de Roo
Edition Peters | Introduction

CUT I (2001)
(for Manfred H. Wenninger) / 5′
for E-guitar, horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion and piano
wp: 10. 10. 2001, Dresden, Ensemble Modern, Kasper de Roo
Edition Peters

CUT II (2001) / 5′
(for Jean Guitton)
for percussion, harp, 2 violins, viola and double bass
wp: 10.10.2001, Dresden, Ensemble Modern, Kasper de Roo
Edition Peters

CUT III (2001) / 5′
(for Eduard Goldstücker)
for cello, oboe, clarinet, soprano saxophon and bassoon
wp: 10.10.2001, Dresden, Ensemble Modern, Kasper de Roo
Edition Peters

VERSUCH ZUR NÄHE – fragments for string quartet(1999-2000)
(in memory of Louis Krasner)
Commissioned Work by the Cultural Funds Trust, Saxony
wp: May 10, 2000/Gewandhaus zu Leipzig/Musica Nova/Leipziger Streichquartett
Edition Peters | Introduction

for bassoon and piano (2000) / 5′
Faber Music

Seasons of Light
(for Richard Pousette-Dart)
for bassoon and ensemble (1994) / 18′
Solo bassoon, clar, hrn, 2vl., va., vc, db
wp: 18.05.1997, London, London Sinfonietta, Markus Stenz
Breitkopf & Härtel |Introduction | Audio

“…auf G…” (1993) / 4′
for trumpet solo
wp: 1993, Dresden
Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag

Musik for Violine, Violoncello and piano (Hoffnung als ein Hauch…) (1992) / 16′
wp: 18.7.1992, Wotersen, Trio ex aequo
Breitkopf & Härtel | Audio | Introduction

Gesang (II) (1989) / 6′
for trumpet solo
wp: 1989, Markneukirchen
Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag

Music for wind quintet in five movements (1989) / 12′ fl, ob, clar, Fag., Hr.
wp: 2.5.1990, Düsseldorf , Gewandhaus-Bläserquintett
Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag

Gesang (I)
for flute/bass flute solo (1988) / 15′
wp: 31.3.1989, Darmstadt, Eberhard Blum
Breitkopf & Härtel | Introduction

Konform – Kontraform Scene for 8 instruments (1988) / 12′
Ob., Engl. Hr., Pos., Schlz., Klav., Va., Vc., Kb.
wp: 22.4.1990, Witten, Gruppe “Neue Musik – Hanns Eisler”
Breitkopf & Härtel | Introduction

Die Zeit ist ein Fluß ohne Ufer
6 x Chagall for 10 instruments (1985/86) / 14′
for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, harp and piano
wp: 26.9.1987, Boston, USA, Ensemble ALEA III, Theodore Antoniou
Edition Peters | Introduction

6 Stücke for 10 brass players (1985 / 10′)
hrn., 4 trp., 4 trb., tuba
wp: 2.6.1987, Dresden, Ludwig Güttler brass ensemble
Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag | Introduction

3 x Virtuoses
for 2 x 1 percussionist (1982 ) / 12′
wp: 8.10.1982, Leipzig, Gerd Schenker, Günther Pauli
Breitkopf & Härtel

for clarinet, viola, double bass and percussion (1977/78) / 16′
wp: 28.1.1981, Leipzig, Matthies, Schäfer, Zahn, Schenker
Breitkopf & Härtel